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Summer classical music season begins to heat up

Music Music never seems to take a holiday, and its patrons are luckier for it. Summer brings with it special festivals of highly palatable or seriously challenging music. The following listings reflect the vast variety of classical (and pops) musical offerings in Northern California.

"The Gift," the title of the 2002 Strauss Festival of Viennese style music and dance (shown above), will be held at dusk July 25-28. [Patricia Beach Smith, Sacramento Bee Arts Critic]
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The buzz about !!!
To pronounce the band name !!!, click with your mouth three times fast. Or, say "pow-pow-pow," "chik-chik-chik," "bang-bang-bang." Whatever word sounds best to you three-times-fast will suffice. No matter how !!! is pronounced, the arty, eight-member dance-dub-funk group is one of the most creative musical collections to emerge recently from Sacramento. [Chris Macias, Sacramento Bee Pop Music Writer]

Review: Consort celebrates work of Telemann
Georg Philipp Telemann is certainly not a forgotten man. In fact, when he and J.C. Bach were contemporaries in 18th century Germany, Telemann was definitely the more famous composer. But not today. [William Glackin, Sacramento Bee Critic at Large]

UCD music department plans ambitious 2002-03 season
The University of California, Davis, music department has announced its 2002-03 season of events, its first to use the new Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts. The Mondavi Center is scheduled to open on campus Oct. 4. [William Glackin, Sacramento Bee Critic at Large]

'Scratch' has local connections
"Scratch," the new documentary about turntablism and hip-hop DJ music, premiered to rave reviews at last year's Sundance Film Festival. But to trace its inspiration, one must start in Sacramento. In the early 1990s, Ernest Meza, a student at the University of California, Davis, was supplementing his studies by working as a local nightclub promoter. [Chris Macias, Sacramento Bee Pop Music Writer]

A tune for the Kings
Lee Chapman, a local investment planner, says watching the Kings struggle in their first-round playoff games against the Utah Jazz was hard. He wanted to do something to help his hometown team win. The next best thing Chapman decided was to do something to "crank up the already loudest fans in the league." So he wrote a short rap song for the team called "Who Dat?" The song mentions each of the starting King players. [Fahizah Alim, Sacramento Bee Staff Writer]

A guide to outdoor -- and a few indoor -- music festivals
Yikes, it's getting hot out there. And it's not just the sun that's heating up, but a robust concert season that will sizzle throughout the summer. Plenty of outdoor music festivals are on the horizon, including next weekend's multigenre Heritage Festival at Gibson Ranch and the Sierra Nevada World Music Festival, which takes place June 21-23 near Angels Camp. [Chris Macias, Sacramento Bee Pop Music Writer]

Internet demand pushes Eminem to rush out his newest album
Has perennial bad boy Eminem let the Internet get the best of him? It certainly looked touch and go last week when the controversial rapper pushed up the release date of his latest album not once, but twice, to try to stem the flood of bootlegged copies floating around cyberspace. [Rachel Leibrock, Sacramento Bee Staff Writer]

Arts Calendar: Going to 'Montana'
The Joe Goode Performance Group is giving premiere performances of a new show, "Mythic, Montana," at 8 nightly through Sunday at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater, 700 Howard St., San Francisco. On the program are revivals of "What the Body Knows." [Sacramento Bee]

Classic musicians, classic songs
Saxophonist John Coltrane's playing connotes strength and power. But that's just part of the great musician's story. Coltrane was always a passionate, spiritual player, and those qualities were evident whether he was playing conventional standards or trying his outward-leaning experimentations. [Marcus Crowder, Sacramento Bee Staff Writer]

Review: Jam-band leader Dave Matthews knows when to stretch
The jam-band route is a trail of hit-and-miss adventures. One set may be filled with oodles of inspired improvisations, while the next gig might be a recipe for disaster with too much self-serving noodling. Even the lofty Dave Matthews Band is given to the occasional off night. However, its show Tuesday evening at the AutoWest Amphitheatre found the group at peak form. [Chris Macias, Sacramento Bee Pop Music Writer]

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